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As an island state it is critical that we do everything we can to create a more sustainable environment for ourselves.  We import over 90% of all of our food yet have thousands of acres of agricultural land that lie fallow.  There are many steps we can take to support our local farmers and agriculture producers but none that are as clear a win-win as programs like Farm-to-School.  


I have been a supporter of the Farm-to-School program, known locally as Aina Pono, because it addresses two critically important issues; increasing the sustainable market for our local farmers and getting healthier food to our students.  I worked closely with former Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui, and current Lieutenant Governor Doug Chin, to expand this program to the Mililani schools.  I was thrilled to see the student body take to Aina Pono to the point where the cafeteria reported an increase in lunches ordered by nearly double!  As your Senator I will continue to push to expand to the rest of my district as well and eventually statewide.

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