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When the previous administration furloughed the teachers in 2009, they also furloughed our student's education. The Legislature realized that the State of Hawaii cannot allow our students to be last in the country when it comes to instructional time.  In 2010, they passed a law that would mandate that 180 instructional days be required for all public schools.  However, there were some adjustments which were needed to the original Act.


In 2011, at the request of educators and residents, Senator Kidani was the driving force to exempt charter schools and multi-track public schools from the implementation of the 180 instructional days, given the fact they usually had longer school days.  As multi-track schools' schedule would make it virtually impossible for them to meet this new law, they needed the exemption to operate.  She was able to support the increase in instructional time while making the necessary adjustments for special circumstances.

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